Saturday, March 24, 2012

God help the Syrians - because nobody else will

And so, the Syrian revolution continues, and so the Syrian government continues to kill, brutalise, terrorise all those involved.  And the world's superpowers do their best impression of being really concerned, which would get buzzed off for being crap on The X Factor - although at least Simon Cowell wouldn't allow them to go on for over a year there.  And the usual motley collection of conspiracy theorists mumble and mutter that it's not really an uprising, right, because Thierry Meyssan and Lizzie Phelan have, like, presented the truth - straight from Al-Assad's press office - about what's happening, right, so it's not, like, Syrian people, it's warmongering fascist Western imperialists, yeah, and Assad's being misrepresented maaaaaaan…and so on ad fucking nauseam.

May God be with the Syrian people because the shameless bastards in our great 'freedom-loving' governments won't, and the shameless bastards of the once-noble left that stood beside the oppressed gave that up in favour of  jazz hands and pretendy protest.  Shame on us all yet again. 

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  1. So why don't you go over there and show how it's really done, girl?